“Among writers and communications strategists who address contemporary business and strategy issues in a thoughtful and balanced manner, David is in a class by himself, standing above the rest. He has no peer in terms of the quality and timeliness of his work product, which is one reason he has been sought out by luminaries and thought leaders. He adds significant value by virtue of his insightful intelligence combined with practical experience, which he applies assiduously, both to understanding the issues at stake, as well as to advocating his client’s views in as optimal a fashion as possible. And on a personal level, he is simply a great pleasure to work with.”

Bernard J. “Barney” CassidyGeneral Counsel, Juno Therapeutics | Former President, Tessera Intellectual Property, Inc.

“David Kline is a gifted and unusually-successful communications strategist and writer. Whether he’s shepherding a book proposal to a publishing deal or generating op-eds and other high-profile media coverage for his clients in the most influential media in the country, David gets results. No PR smoke and mirrors. And no excuses.

“And don’t let David’s lone wolf operation fool you — his ability to impact a brand and capture the attention of key influencers in industry, the media, and the financial community is unsurpassed. So is his in-depth knowledge of innovation, intellectual property, business strategy, and public policy issues.

“Bottom line, David Kline is a unique talent in the communications business who knows how to deliver value. Based on the personal recommendation of someone I trust, I made a high-stakes bet on David’s abilities. And I must say the results exceeded my expectations by a wide margin.

“David has proven to be the most valuable and cost effective PR/Marcom engagement that I have undertaken during my 35 year career as a high-tech CEO.”

Hank Nothhaft Former CEO of Tessera, Danger, and Concentric Network

“David Kline doesn’t really work on ‘average’ projects and doesn’t get ‘average’ results. He tends to work on big ideas and important agendas, and to communicate them very thoroughly and effectively through sophisticated arguments in books, op-eds, speeches, media outreach, strategic conceptualizing of arguments, etc. He really ‘gets’ what the client wants to say, and then hones the argument over time in a very persistent and strategic way.”

Daniel BursteinManaging Partner, Millennium Technology Value Partners | Former Senior Advisor, the Blackstone Group

“David Kline is one of the best policy communicators I have worked with. He is able to digest complex policy issues, grasp them quickly, and then construct compelling narratives to explain them to policymakers. His ability to translate intricate business and public policy issues into compelling written material is uncanny. I’ve seen policymakers who couldn’t be bothered with an issue one day embrace it the next because Kline was able to reframe it in a more relevant and interesting way. His intellectual curiosity and desire to ‘get it right’ forces those he works with to dig deeper to identify more convincing evidence to support the policies being advocated.”

Manus CooneyPartner, ACG Consultants | Former Chief Counsel, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

“David Kline is an extraordinary media relations strategist who offers a holistic approach to PR, media relations and brand positioning. David has an incredibly broad range of skills and deep understanding — of both IP and media — that allow him to rapidly raise a company’s profile by combining sophisticated brand positioning guidance with in-the-trenches media outreach and article writing. David is passionate and results oriented, yet he is also a consummate professional who is able to work closely in concert with internal corporate PR teams.”

Joseph SiinoPresident, Via Licensing, Former Chief of Intellectual Property at Yahoo

“David Kline combines insights into how best to reach the public with superb writing skills that drive your message home to your chosen audience. You cannot find a better communications and PR strategist, for no one else has his range of experiences: investigative journalism, article and book writing, research, public relations, and commercial messaging.  A serious student of American history and society, he is at once a deep thinker and a practical person.  That is the combination that makes him so unusual — and so useful to emerging thought leaders.”

Paul R. MichelChief Judge (Ret.), U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit | Former Watergate Special Prosecutor

“I have worked with David Kline at several companies — at large tech firms like Microsoft and at startups as well. He is extremely talented and perceptive, but more than that, the work he does makes a material difference in a company’s brand and public posture. If you want your company to strengthen its influence and be well-regarded within your industry, the media, and the financial community, he is the one person who I can say with confidence will make that happen. I have dealt with many branding and communications experts during my 40 years in business — and David Kline is absolutely the very best.”

Marshall PhelpsChairman, ipCreate | Former Corporate Vice President, Microsoft and IBM