Below is a list of books that David Kline has authored.

Influential Media

A sampling of the media coverage generated by David Kline on behalf of clients or in the course of his own journalistic work.

The Wall Street Journal: “Fear American Complacency, Not China”

TechCrunch: “A Peace Plan to End the Wireless Wars”

The Wall Street Journal: “A Labor Day Message for President Obama”

The New York Times: “Inventing Our Way Out of Joblessness”

The Wall Street Journal: “Cover Oregon Doesn’t Have Me Covered”

Financial Times: “Everybody Loses in the Wireless Patent Wars”

Wired: “Behind the Fall and Rise of China’s Xiaomi”

Chief Executive: “How Lenovo Navigates the Patent Gauntlet”

Forbes: “Uber’s Disaster Movie”

IAM Magazine: “Escaping the Prisoner’s Dilemma”

TechCrunch: “A New (Old) Way for Product Makers to Defeat Patent Roadblocks”

The Hill: “Antifa Should Take a Clue From History and Drop Its Tantrums”

Forbes: “USC Sees the Future With New Course Offering”

Forbes: “Can This Company End the Wireless Wars?”

Forbes: “The Mother of All Innovation Challenges”

Forbes: “Intellectual Property: The Secret Sauce of Great Products”

Corporate Counsel: “Uber-izing the IP Function”

IAM Magazine: “Extinction-Level Event for Licensors”

Forbes: How Driverless Cars Will Radically Change Our Lives

Forbes: “Do Patents Promote Innovation? A Response to the Economist”

Forbes: “Can Big Tech Regain Its Innovation Mojo

The Hill Newspaper: “How to Kill the Next Generation of Startups”

Forbes: “The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Patents”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: “Manufacturing America’s New Middle Class”

Wall Street Journal: Review of “Great Again” by Nothhaft and Kline

CBS News: “Patent Office Reform Attempt”

Forbes: “It’s Time to Bet on Genomics”

Forbes: “New Obamacare Rules Offer Big Gains for Employers”

Corporate Counsel Magazine: “Using IP to Strengthen Startups and Large Companies Alike”

Harvard Business Review: “The Biggest Job Creator You Never Heard of”

Wired: “Our Patent System is Broken”

Forbes: “Leadership Lessons for Mr. Putin”

The New York Times: “1931, 1936, 1980?”

Politico: “Patent Reform a Letdown to Some”

The Oregonian: “What Drives Young Westerners to Jihad?”

Forbes: America’s Entrepreneurial Innovation Needs Help”

Fox Business TV: “Big News on the Jobs Front”

Harvard Business Review: “Playing a Dangerous Game With Job Creation”

Corporate Counsel: “Priceline Founder has a Plan for the Patent System”

IAM Magazine: “Building a White Hat Brand in the Patent Industry”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: “It Takes a CEO to Save the U.S. Health Care System”

The New York Times Magazine: “The Embattled Independent Farmer

NBC Television: “Great Again”

NBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show: “Business—The Key to Job Creation

Forbes: “Thank the Founding Fathers for the Open Market in Patents”

Harvard Business Review: “Looking for Jobs in All the Wrong Places”

Inside Counsel Magazine: Priceline Founder Talks Problems, Potential of Patents”

San Jose Mercury News: Killing the Next Generation of Startups”

Forbes: “New Obamacare Rules Offer Big Gains for Employers:

San Francisco Chronicle: “Outsourcing Manufacturing Hurts U.S.”

Chief Executive Magazine: “How to Revitalize Our Innovation Engine”

Business Insider: “3 Ways the New Patent Law Destroys Jobs”

Fast Company: “Why the Patent Office is a National Problem”

Corporate Counsel: Patents Should be for Invention, Not Litigation”

The Hill Newspaper: “Time for Patent Companies to Stand Up for Reform”

Harvard Business Review: “Social Login Offers New ROI from Social Media

IAM Magazine Cover Story: “The Role of Trust in Patent Monetization”

Inside Counsel Magazine: Dominion Harbor Seeks to License Patents in a Responsible Way”

Wired: “Is Government Obsolete?”

Wired: “I Want”

Christian Science Monitor: “Afghans Seethe Under Soviet Heel”

Christian Science Monitor: “Asia’s Golden Crescent Heroin Floods the West”

Christian Science Monitor: “Politics Hinders Food Aid to Starving People in Ethiopia”

Wired: “Infobahn Warrior”

Wired: “The Cable Slayer”

The New York Times Magazine: “The Embattled Independent Farmer”